martelli demolitori idraulici

The research and development process of the OMP hydraulic breakers uses 8 key stages of the production cycle.

From design to after sales service of our hydraulic hammers, we use the highest applicable quality standards.

1. Market research

The market research is a fundamental step and offers our customers an efficient and powerful hydraulic breaker which is resistant to any work condition.

Our technicians perform continuous surveys, documenting and performing interviews directly to users of hydraulic hammers in order to understand the needs and requirements and analyzing every stage of demolition or breaking of particular rocks.

This is useful to develop a type of hydraulic breaker hammer, parts of it or spare parts with high resistance materials, and functionally more advanced than the products of our competitors.

2. Preliminary study and design

After the market research, we shift our ideas to a qualified design team design who, by using new development technology, proceed to the stage of preliminary study and feasibility.

Afterwards the design and drawing phase of the new hydraulic breaker begins. Through the use of 3D software, the team defines all the sizing, the couplings of the various components and the best materials to use in order to guarantee high performance and guarantee to the demolition hammer a high life cycle with minimum maintenance.

All the components of our hydraulic breakers (from nuts and bolts to the external frame) are designed and tested through the use of Solidworks and nothing is left to chance.

3. Purchase of Materials

After designing and testing the new hydraulic breaker with the software described above, the new project goes to our purchasing department, for the supply of the material determined in the design phase.

For the procurement of materials, our technical office purchases only from Italian suppliers that are strictly qualified and comply with high quality standards.

In fact, all the materials used for the production of hydraulic hammers are fused by Italian foundries with certified and guaranteed raw materials.

4. Production of Prototype

The next step is the production phase of the prototype of the new hydraulic breaker.

We have a production department of 1200sqm and are well equipped with machinery capable of ensuring high accuracy of each part of our hydraulic breakers.

Each processing stage undergoes internal tests and dimensional checks to ensure quality and block parts of hydraulic hammers that exceed the established tolerances.

In addition to the tests on each phase of mechanical working, at the end of each production the component undergoes a further final testing, therefore the probability to arrive at the assembly of the hydraulic breaker hammer with an incorrect component is almost zero!

5. Assembly and Functional Test

Also the assembly and functional test for us is a fundamental step for a hydraulic breaker. Assembly is performed by trained operators under the supervision of a team leader who coordinates and block any operation that may lead to damage of some internal parts of the hydraulic breaker.

Functional tests are carried out with monitoring software so that we can track the progress of the performance and calculate a theoretical life cycle.

The demolition hammer prototype is usually tested in the most difficult working conditions which cause breakage and seizing.

Only in this way we can analyze the actual quality and resistance of the hydraulic breaker.

6. CE Certification

Only after our engineering team has analyzed all the data of the prototype, the project is assigned to a further external and impartial Center for the hydraulic breaker hammer assessment and continuing with certification in accordance with CE standards.

In fact all of our hydraulic breakers are supplied with CE certification that ensure a high standard of safety and reliability of the product.

7. Sale of the Hydraulic Breaker

The step following the CE certification is the stage of the hydraulic breaker series production (always equipped with all the testing phases) and the sale of the product.

Our hydraulic breakers are always in stock and our stock always offers the availability of spare parts for hydraulic hammers in order to minimize any downtime.

8. Pre and post sales assistance.

We always offer pre and post sales service so we can follow the customer from the choice of the best hydraulic breaker for their excavator to the assistance in case of difficulty in the assembly on the machine or malfunction.

Our service department is equipped with technically qualified personnel in order to meet any demand or needs of our customers. You can also talk to our support service in 7 languages: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Dutch.

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