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O.M.P. Hydraulic hammers in order to meet the needs of its customers in various countries of the world expands and offers assistance in 7 languages: Italian, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish and Dutch.

You can contact our customer service through Skype, instant chat, contact form or phone +39 0803382808 from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 17 pm (Italian time).

Our customer service team is composed of highly qualified staff able to offer assistance before and after sale on hydraulic hammers and spare parts.

The main goal, in addition to advising the hydraulic breaker hammer to suit your needs and to provide technical pre and post sales support, is to simplify and speed up the customer-company contact. Everything turns in flawless service, fast and efficient.

Also we remind our dealers and customers that they are always welcome if they want to visit our manufacturing and administrative departments in order to have a direct relationship with our company and see the quality of our products.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and some useful tips.
If you do not find the answer to your questions or if you need direct support call us or send us an email, we will be happy to give you all the necessary support so that you may correct the problem.

Send and return pipeline inverted Connect the hoses of the hammer properly
Closed taps in the send or return ducts Open the taps
Possible faulty fast connectors Eliminate them completely and replace with taps
Electro‐valve of the hammer not working Look for the cause on the electric valve
Pressure in the return duct of the hammer higher than 3 Bar Discard the return in the tank before the filter to decrease the pressure to about 3 Bar
Level of the oil in the tank too low Bring it back to level
Taps in the send or return ducts partially closed Open the taps
Return pressure too high Check the return pressure
Back-pressure caused by the oil filter or the heat exchanger Discharge the return of the hammer directly in the tank before the filters. The backpressure must not go above 3 Bar
The oil returning to the tank goes through the distributor Eliminate the flaw by taking the oil to the tank directly before the filter
Inner diameter of the duct too small To change the inner diameter consult the technical spec of hammer constructor
Nitrogen accumulator empty Change membrane, nitrogen screw, nitrogen washer and recharge the accumulator
Insufficient oil flow Restore the correct flow of oil necessary to the hammer and check the working pressure
Losses of charge on the send circuit of the hammer Fasten the screw connections
The bit jams in the lower part so that there is no contact with the separator Correct the direction of the excavator arm, remove the eventual shaving on the bit, check the wear of the bit and the wear ferrules
Oil temperature in the tank higher than 80° Check the level of the oil in the tank; eventually fill it up
Oil pressure too low Check the calibration of the main pressure valve
Hammer feeding too high; the main pressure valve releases a constant amount of oil Correct the engine RPM of the excavator, or see the instructions from the excavator maker
Use at an ambience temperature too high without heat exchanger Install an heat exchanger
Faulty main pressure valve Mount new main pressure valve
Oil level in the tank too low Fill up
Head's junction taps too loose Fasten the taps
The linkages are loosen or broken Fasten or substitute the linkages
Dirt or dust entered between bit and wear ferrule within the lower holder destroying the seals Take the hammer apart and replace the seals
Bit and ferrules excessively worn by detached metallic fragments at the seals level Check the wear state of the details and check the correct greasing


  1. Never exceed the indicated accelerator limit at the time of testing;
  2. Give the hydraulic hammer the correct push and always perpendicular to the face of the material to break;
  3. When the breaker is working, avoid perform abrupt maneuvers;
  4. Do not insist over 30 second to beat on the the same point when the material is particularly hard;
  5. Never use the tool as a lever or lifting hook;
  6. Never give empty blows;
  7. Making your lubrication each hour of work or mount greasing centralized system, use only grease molybdenum disulfide;
  8. If the tool holder bushing is at the limit of wear, replace;
  9. Immediately suspend the work with the hydraulic breaker if there is a nut, a tie, a crack on the hammer;
  10. Immediately stop the demolition hammer when you feel a decrease in the number of blows and/or when the flexible tubes excessively vibrate.


  1. The tool must be lubricated regularly, every hour of work, using exclusively grease molybdenum disulfide;
  2. At the beginning and end of each shift, the shock absorbers and tie rods (if any) must be verified;
  3. The locking pins of the tool and bolts fastening the saddle must be properly tightened;
  4. There must be no leakage of oil along the piping, the fittings or on the tool;
  5. Observe well the demolition hammer for identify any desoldering or cracks on the carcass, on the saddle, on the tool or on the arm of the excavator.

If the hydraulic breaker will not be used for a long time, you need to apply some details:

  1. Apply to the joints the plugs to prevent leakage of oil or dust entering;
  2. Do not keep it in a place open;
  3. In order to avoid the oxidation of the tool and of the striking mass it is necessary that these surfaces are covered with grease;
  4. A good rule is to cover it with a tarp the hydraulic hammer to repair it from dust.

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